Happy Earth Day

At Cuyana, we are dedicated to creating in a way that preserves heritage craft, optimizes longevity, and minimizes environmental impact. We’re excited to share that this year, we will fulfill our promise to reach 100% sustainability. What does that mean, exactly? By the end of 2023, every fabric we use will be sourced and produced sustainably, adhering to certification criteria that ensures responsible techniques are used in making the material (we are already nearly there, at 99%). In our most updated pledge, we also outline a new component of our journey: committing to carbon neutral packaging. We are working to eliminate plastics in all of our packaging by this year’s end so that we can further reduce our impact. 

Additionally, on April 1, we launched Made With Air, a campaign designed to highlight the presence of greenwashing in many retail launches today. The final product was just as tangible as the material itself, air. The truth is, unless something is truly made with air, it leaves an impact on Earth. To back up our beliefs around the true meaning of sustainability and the perils of greenwashing, we launched our blog, a designated space for exploring the nuances of being a retail brand that prioritizes fewer, better. 

These are just a few of many ways we are prioritizing responsibility every step of the way forward. Overall, we look forward to continuing our commitment to “impact reduction,” as we believe it is a better and more honest term than sustainability. Learn more about our journey here, and thank you for being part of it with us. 

With love,

Karla and Shilpa

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