Behind the March Collection

To our community, 

As we head into a new month (and the official first month of spring) we are celebrating all wins — big and small. At Cuyana, we know how important it is to acknowledge progress. 

This month marks three years since the beginning of the COVID pandemic lockdowns. I recently had my second child and those early days were so difficult taking care of both sons, one being a newborn, while also leading Cuyana and making sure our family was safe. We’ve all made progress since then. It was a hard time for so many, and to this day, I feel that we are all continuing to rebuild. 

This month’s collection is a celebration of that rebuilding. I find that I still crave comfort, especially when it comes to clothing, yet I also want to finally feel dressed. With this collection, we sought to embed comfort in every piece while maintaining a “wow” factor. These two elements bring about the inner confidence we need to face our days prepared, comfortable, and inspired. I’ve always valued this take on confidence —the kind that emanates from within. For us, it’s not about “faking it before you make it”. It’s about setting yourself up for success. If you take those extra moments to plan and create a system, you will always feel more in control of your day.

As the days start warming up and as you step outside, we hope we’ve helped you feel crisp, energized, and confident to meet all that comes your way. Cuyana is a company built by women, and we bring that perspective into everything we make, and everything we do. We hope you enjoy it. Happy International Women’s Month.

With love, 

Karla Gallardo 

New Arrivals 

This month, we are introducing a collection that is defined to refine your wardrobe: made-to-order jewelry, lightweight fabrics, and a new colorstory usher in the new season.

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Jewelry Made For You

Our new, made-to-order jewelry is a special new offering within our collection. Treat yourself to something special, something just for you.

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On Rotation 

We’re keeping our washable silks, poplin essentials, and everyday totes on heavy rotation — and we’re sure you will, too.

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