The Story Behind Made With Air

To Our Community,

Yesterday, we launched Cuyana’s first ever April Fool’s campaign, Made with Air. We made compelling graphics and directed our marketing efforts toward creating a campaign and a collection made only of a material that wouldn’t have a negative impact on our planet: air.

While we often use antithetical messaging (such as our fewer, better philosophy and This Is Not A Panama* Hat campaign), we never lean into gimmick marketing unless we believe it is the best way to make our point. Our campaign yesterday was that moment—we launched a fake collection made from a non-existent apparel material. Why? Because this Earth Month and beyond (i.e., as long as “sustainability” is a trend), you will be inundated with fake or embellished environmental marketing, AKA “greenwashing”. This is dangerous, as it creates mistrust between consumers and brands. It leads to us becoming desensitized to the impact of fashion on the planet and the “sustainability” discussion overall. 

As we designed the campaign internally, the process felt real and almost believable. We went over the top because that’s what greenwashing often does. Without being hyperbolic, it’s hard to believe that the “sustainability” messaging is true.  

During this month, we will shift our dialogue from “sustainability” to impact reduction. As opposed to the term “sustainability,” impact reduction is a more realistic term because creating new things means expending resources, and decreasing environmental impact is the most responsible way to do that. We invite you to join us in this conversation as we discuss critical topics, nuances, and tradeoffs we and other brands make every single day. 

Thank you in advance for being a positive voice in this important discourse, and thank you for being part of this journey with us. 


Karla & Shilpa

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This month, we’re introducing a new bag, the Double Moon. A reimagined saddle bag (one of our crowd favorites), the Double Moon is available in three silhouettes: the crossbodybelt bag, and zipper pouch. We are also introducing new poplin and pima cotton pieces, just in time for spring. 

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This season, we’re putting our lighter layers and essential accessories on rotation. Build a look with our silk separates, which are made with high-quality silk, and stay shaded with our toquilla hats, made with love in Ecuador.

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Discover our platform designed to give pre-loved Cuyana pieces second, third and fourth lives. Revive is a resale resource made to foster circularity in our wardrobes. Make space in your closet and find something you love, too. 

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